Pathfinder - Rise of the Runelords

Goblin confetti!

in which the sorcerer takes over narration for the moment

Oh, what a glorious day! Or couple of days. It’s a bit of a blur now, what with the excitement. First I rejoined my friends, then I bought a good box to hold that nice book they gave me with the horrible runes in it, then they said we’re going to hunt goblins so I went out and bought a new goblin-hunting hat. It’s very comfortable, and sometimes it blends in with the forest, if the forest is the right color. It’s not magical, but maybe I’ll fix that one day.

So then we went to this forest with thorns everywhere, and the thorns tried to steal my new hat but I kept it. Ha ha, thorns. Anyway, so we searched and searched and then Dr. Magnus found a hole that the goblins tried to hide so we couldn’t track them, and it took us inside the roots of the thorn plants. It wasn’t too dark in there, since the roots still let some light in, so even the human and the halfling could see okay, which is good because after a little while we found goblins hiding out in there! But the best part was that the goblins didn’t know we found them, so we all gathered around and then the doctor threw a bomb at them, and when the survivors came running out at us, I bashed one on the head and broke it and he got dead. I felt like I was making the hat proud. Then my friends cleaned up the other ones.

We were almost safe, but then a goblin with a magic wand snuck up on with his night leopard, and the dwarf, I don’t remember his name right now, he and I both almost died but then we didn’t and the goblin died instead and I got to keep his wand. So after that we went outside and saw this island with a lot of goblins on it, and we couldn’t get close, especially after they broke the bridge while we were walking on it, so we went back to town. Now we’re resting up so we can get a boat tomorrow and go back and sneak up on the goblins and the angry human lady who we think is their boss. I hope she likes my goblin-hunting hat. It’s probably the last thing she’s going to see.

Well, goodnight journal! I’ll tell you what happens tomorrow!



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